Collection: Personal Space Mist

Spray our enchanting mists to banish bad vibes, liven up any space, or sprinkle a dash of freshness wherever you wander. Small enough to pop in your purse, it's like carrying a jar of calm - you two will be best buds! And guess what? It moonlights as a fantastic body spray too! Made with just THREE natural ingredients, no funny business, it's pure bliss in a bottle. So, spritz away to your heart's content! Each bottle holds a generous 4 oz - plenty to spread the spritz love! Step into a world of freshness with KQs BUTTAs Body & Linen Mists and soak in pure, natural, and allergy-friendly botanical blends. Spray onto skin, clothes, sheets, yoga mats, towels, or simply spritz into the air for an extra kick of freshness. Key mist features: - Earthy + Herbal Botanicals - Endless Versatility - Elevates Self-Care - Pure Formulation